Musikschule Ungefucht im Landkreis Böblingen

Herzlich willkommen bei der Musikschule Ungefucht im Landkreis Böblingen!


Dear Frau Mila Ungefucht,
This is to inform you that Arun Parkin, student of Frau Lashchylava, will be returning to UK in first week July 2018, therefore June is the last month for him to learn piano/Klavier.
This to inform you Arun will stop Klavier lessons from 30 June 2018.
We are grateful to Frau Lashchylava for being such a patient and inspiring teacher to Arun.
Arun will begin a Diploma course in music production and performance at City of Oxford College upon his return to UK.
Many thanks,
with best wishes,
V. J. P.